3D Archery

3D Archery allows you to shoot a field of 28 (usually) targets set at random distances on a 39 acre parcel to replicate hunting situations.  Our 3D targets range in size from an elk to a skunk.  

Who:  Open to the public.

When:  2nd Saturday of every month except October.  Shooters must be signed in by 8:45 to participate.

Cost:  Members $5, Non-members $15, Military $10, Youth age 11 through 17 $10, Kids 10 and under free.

For more information:  Contact Shootmasters:

 Mark Jungers, 619-318-7631 charjung68@gmail.com and 

Rod Richardson 619-922-4895 rodrichxx@gmail.com.

To sign up to be on the mailing list and receive scores and updates, send an e-mail to lgrg3D@mail.com.