Hybrid Pistol Match

The objectives of this match are:  

  • To provide a handgun shooting venue friendly to advanced beginner and intermediate level shooters.
  • To create a safe, supervised environment.
  • To help shooters increase their gun-handling skills.
  • To create a venue for the use of a variety of commonly owned handguns suitable for concealed carry.


  • Stages are shot under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.
  • A timer is used to record the overall time used by the shooter to address the target stage.
  • Penalty points in the form of additional time are added for targets missed or for procedural errors.
  • Scores will be posted on the club website.
  • Please feel free to come at 7:00 AM to help with the stage construction on the rifle range and in the Pit.  Help will also be needed after the match to tear down the stages and put away the gear.

Who: Members of the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club and non-members are invited.

When:  As shown on website calendar, typically the third Saturday, but sometimes the fourth Saturday.  

Sign in will be at the Rifle Range.  Participants must be signed in by 8:15 AM.  Shooters' safety meeting starts at 8:20 AM.  Participants must be present and signed in prior to beginning of safety meeting.  Please arrive promptly.  Shooting commences at 8:30 AM.  Match typically takes at least 3 to 4 hours.  We will break into two squads.

The critical times:  setup starts at 7:00 AM; sign-in is open at 7:30 AM; sign-in closes at 8:15 AM; Safety Meeting starts at 8:20 AM, and shooting starts at 8:30 AM.  Shooters not signed in by 8:15 will not be permitted to participate in the match.  Please adjust your arrival time accordingly.  

Cost:  Free for club members.  Gate of $15 for non-members.  All participants are expected to help in the conduct of the event by helping with setup, tear-down, target taping and score keeping.

For More Information Contact:  Match Director Kelly Galeazzi, kgaleazzi@brady.com or 619-520-8783

What to bring:  Any semi-auto pistol or revolver, holster, 100 rounds of ammunition, a minimum of 4 magazines or 5 speed loaders, eye protection (shooting glasses), hearing protection and a desire to have some fun.

Holsters must be attached at the belt level.  Military and law enforcement may wear their duty rig (drop-leg holster).  Muzzle must point down and retention devices and duty gear must be worn.  No small-of-back, cross-draw, or shoulder rigs may be used.

Safety Considerations:  Please do not use magnum ammunition.  It is hard on our targets and hard on the shooter.  Lead bullets are recommended over jacketed bullets as they reduce the likelihood of bullet fragments returning to the shooter area when metal targets are being used.  The minimum caliber is 9 mm and the minimum power factor is 125 for Service Pistol, Enhanced Service Pistol and Revolvers.  It is 165 for Custom Defensive Pistol.  This is a centerfire only match.  

Stages:  Stages will be shot at various locations.  Stages will consist of paper and metal targets, both static and dynamic.  Props will include barricades, fault lines, ports, swingers, poppers, and other features.

Range Rules:  A number of common sense range rules are used for the safety of all participants:

  • Handguns are handled, i.e., placed in your holster, only at the safety areas designated by the Match Director.
  • The range is a COLD RANGE, which means that all firearms are in the unloaded condition (an open magazine well in the case of semi-auto pistols, empty chamber and hammer down) and in the holster at all times other than when shooting under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.  
  • When engaging the targets, shooters must observe the 180 Rule: loaded firearms must be pointed down range and into the berm at all times.
  • When moving between shooting positions, the shooter must have his/her finger outside of the trigger guard unless engaging targets on the move.  Each shooter is encouraged to move only at a pace comfortable and safe for the shooter.

Other Information:

The scoring protocol and rulebook used is that published for the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts.

The Range Safety Officer and/or Match Director can answer any questions the participants have about the rules.

Handguns must be loaded to the limits specified in the Rules for each Division of handgun.