InterClub Trap Shooting

Each club hosts one Trap Shooting event a year.  Shoot year starts in June. Each shoot consists of 50 sixteen yard targets and 50 handicap targets. Only the top five scores from each club are counted.  Each club receives one additional point for each club member shooting.  An annual rotating trophy goes to the club with the most shoot wins for the year.  A trophy for each high shooter in men's, women's, and junior categories is awarded at each shoot.

Who: Members from participating clubs and guests.

When: To Be Determined

Cost: Approx $30.00

For Additional Information Contact: 

Shootmaster Ken Jossenberger

Current club members and current host month:

Lemon Grove Rod and Gun, June

Escondido Fish & Game, August

Lakeside Sportsmen's Club, October

Imperial Valley Rifle & Pistol Club, February

Maywood Trap Club, March

Vada Del Rio Skeet & Trap, April