Jim Kasten Memorial Cup, Sporting Clays Event


In honor of Jim Kasten we will be holding four sporting clay matches at both locations on the dates to follow. Two of the matches will be held at Maywood Shooting Club, Perris California and the remaining two matches at Lemon Grove Club, Alpine California. 

The winner of the Jim Kasten Perpetual Memorial Cup will be determined by winning Top Gun from all four matches at the conclusion of the final match on August 11, 2019.  This match is open to all gauges and calibers.   

Awards and Trophies 

Jim Kasten Memorial Cup 

Top Gun Adult Male

Top Gun Adult Female

Top Gun Junior Male

Top Gun Junior Female

To be eligible for awards, shooters must register their squads and shoot in all matches.

Dates and Locations

09 Feb 2020 – Lemon Grove

01 March 2020 – Maywood

05 April 2020 – Maywood 

14 June 2020 – Lemon Grove

Starting Times ( at both locations)

7:00 - 8:00 AM - Match Registration

8:15 – Safety Briefing

9:00 - Match Shoot Begins


$40.00 per person, lunch included

For matches at Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club, Shoot Tickets are honored


Members of Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club or Maywood Gun Club only.

Shooting Masters – Maywood and Lemon Grove

Maywood Club

Mr. Garret Doorneweered, Shoot Master - garret_d@sbcdglobal.net

Mr. Michael Dieleman, Shoot Master – michaeldieleman@yahoo.com

Lemon Grove Club

Mr. Frank Valdez, Shoot Master – valdezfra@gmail.com

Mr. Gregg Stewart, Shoot Master – greggstewart@cox.net