Membership Information

Prospective Members

 Information for Prospective Members

 1. You must reside in San Diego County to belong to the Club. If your mailing address is other than San Diego County, you will be required to show proof of residence in the county. 

2. Required activities and verification of participation for prospective members: You must attend One regular meeting, One Club function, One work party and One Executive Committee meeting within a period of sixty (60) days. Attendance at the Executive Committee meeting should occur after completion of all other activities. Ensure your activity card is signed at each event. Only the Director of an event or an elected member of the Executive Board is authorized to sign the activity card. The prospective member must participate in the events he/she attends; do not expect to have the activity card signed and leave the event without participating. 

3. Read the attached Range Rules. 

4. Being a member of the NRA is a prerequisite to joining the Club. You may join through the club if you are not already a member. 

5. Fees required to join the club:

Initiation fee: $100.00 Annual Regular Membership: $100.00 

6. The membership year is from the 1st of May to the 30th of April the following year. If you are accepted into the membership after February 1st, your dues are good through April 30th of the following year. Example: If you join the club March 1, 2010, your dues are good through April 30, 2011. Dues are also pro-rated from June through January.  



 1. You must reside in San Diego County to belong to the Club. If your mailing address is other than San Diego County, you will be required to show proof of residence in the county. 

2. Must be a member in good standing for one year.  

3. Attend accompany the prospective member to all four of the prospective member's activities, in their entirety.  


Range Rules

 Range Rules 

1. Any member entering the Corporation property must sign in with their name, date, and time in and out and the name of any guest present unless participating in an event open to the public. 

2. It is each shooter's responsibility to clean up his trash including materials used as targets. 

3. Willful destruction of Corporation property will not be tolerated. 

4. All shooting activities shall be conducted on the appropriate range. 

5. The telephone is for Corporation business or emergency calls. 

6. All animals brought onto the Corporation property are the responsibility of the owner, must be on a leash, and must be cleaned up after. 

7. No member shall violate any local, state or federal laws while on Corporation property. 

8. No shooting at wildlife on Corporation property. 

9. When open for shooting, the hours of operation are from 8:00 AM until sunset. Shooting after sunset requires approval by the Executive Committee and shall cease at 10 PM. 

10. Anyone 17 years of age or under must be supervised by an adult at all times. 

11. Walking forward of the firing line unless a cease-fire has been declared is prohibited. If the lower trap range is in use, the upper trap house is designated as the lower range firing line for users of the main range. Handling of firearms is prohibited during a cease-fire or when people are forward of the firing line.

12. Eye and ear protection are mandatory within 10 yards of the firing line. It is encouraged within 30 yards of the firing line. 

13. Vehicles are not allowed on the range forward of the firing lines with three exceptions: a. As required during organized events. b. As required for range maintenance. c. Those with physical challenges that receive written permission from the board. 

14. All shooters must check in with the designated RSO on the scheduled range. 

15. All shooters and spectators, who are not club members, must fill out "hold harmless" agreements. 

16. Shooters will conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times and will be responsible for the conduct of any guests they bring. 

17. All shooters are responsible for their guns and ammunition while on the complex. 

18. Guns that are out of the case and not being fired must be benched with actions open and facing up, chambers empty, muzzles pointing downrange, and safeties on.

19. Only load guns on the firing line after the RSO has given the command to load. 

20. Do not point guns at anything other than authorized targets. 

21. Fire only at your own target. 

22. Give the command "Cease firing" if an unsafe condition exists. 

23. Follow all instructions from the RSO. 

24. Assist in policing the area of brass and any other debris. 

25. No pets are allowed on the firing line. 

Hours of Operation and Scheduling

In general, check the current calendar.  The BoD develops an event and open live-fire schedule based on requests received and RSO availability. The event will be posted in the club bulletin and on the web page the first of each month. All other range requests will be approved based on range availability. RSOs desiring to open a range must notify the BoD in order to be placed on the operations schedule. Information on range availability and scheduling is accessible on the web page. 

Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs

 Shooters SHALL NOT consume any drugs, prescription or recreational, that may to reduce cognitive ability before or during live fire events. Because the federal government classifies marijuana as illegal drug, its use and/or possession on club property is prohibited. The Shootmaster or RSO will deny range access to anyone whom they have observed violating this rule or whose behavior indicates they may be in violation.  After firing, and firearms have been secured and cased, legal adults may consume alcoholic beverages in the following areas: 

1. The camping area only after all guns and ammunition have been properly secured.

2. The clubhouse adjacent to the shotgun range.