Precision RIMFIRE Match

Our Precision RIMFIRE Match provides a safe shooting environment for precision RIMFIRE rifle shooting enthusiasts. We offer a challenging venue for shooters who enjoy shooting RIMFIRE rifles with precision from various positions, conventional and unconventional as well as supported and unsupported. This event is excellent cross-training for shooters wanting to be more proficient with their centerfire rifles, scopes and equipment.

Who: This event is open to LGRGC members and non-members. Pre-registration is required for ALL shooters of this event. Shooters may register when the match announcement is sent out via email approximately 10 days before the event.

When: 3rd Sundays of even numbered months 

Cost: Members - $5, Non-members - $10

For More Information Contact:   Doug Roper 619-322-2529,

Additional Information: Match guidelines are available by contacting Doug Roper either by phone or e-mail. Guidelines cover match requirements, restrictions, times for match set-up/arrival and other pertinent information related to the event. New shooters will be placed on the “group” e-mail list to receive announcements for matches, seminars and other items of related interest.