Why would I become a member?

Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club is a membership organization committed to the enjoyment and promotion of the shooting sports. We share a place to shoot, provide events for each other to compete, and enjoy the camaraderie that goes with working together to make it all happen. Being a member allows you to use open range time for rifle or pistol, shotgun anytime, as well as contribute to making events happen.  

Finding a Sponsor

All our our members are sponsored by a current member who has been a member for at least one year. If you'd like to meet a sponsor, we recommend that you plan to come to a few of the many open-to-the-public events that our club hosts each month. While you're at the event, check out our club, and get to know the participants. Talk to the shootmaster to see if he or she has recommendations for a sponsor who is also attending the event that day.

Membership Requirements

We have no paid employees, so the work our members do on the range is both valuable and necessary. Part of becoming a member, and maintaining club membership, is helping out at the range. Click Below for more details.  

Club Property

Rifle Range


From our covered shooting area, you can shoot steel or paper targets as far out as 200 meters.

Two Trap Ranges

We have two trap ranges, with one available to members anytime there is not an event going on during daylight hours.  

Pistol Area


You can shoot from a variety of distances to paper, steel, and reactive steel targets whenever an RSO is on the schedule.

Sporting Clays

Tuesday 5-stand is offered weekly, and a full Sporting Clays course is available monthly.  



We have a 39 acre dedicated archery range, with a changing, 3D course with 28 targets offered monthly.  


Members may use the campground facilities to stay for weekends, making events at the club more fun.