Action Rifle

The Action Rifle match is an opportunity for beginner and intermediate rifle shooters to try their hand at centerfire action shooting and increase their gun handling skills in a safe, fun, supervised environment.  It also gives an opportunity to create a venue for the use of both military and civilian semi auto, bolt, lever and pump action centerfire long guns.

Who: Open to the public.

When: 3rd Sunday, Odd months, check the calendar for current schedule. Setup starting at 7:00 a.m. Match sign-up begins at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 8:15 a.m. with the shooters meeting starting at 8:20 a.m. If you are not signed in and present for the shooters meeting, then you will not be permitted to participate in the Match. Shooting commences at 8:30 a.m .  Shooters are expected to help in the conduct of the event and with set up, tear down, target taping, target resetting and score keeping.

Cost:  Free to members. Non members of Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club pay event fee of $15.00. 

Non members and guest who do not belong to the National Rifle Association can sign up to join the NRA prior to the shoot will receive a $5.00 discount.

For More Information Contact: Match Directors, Jerry McIntyre (619)-977-8802 or 

Kelly Galeazzi-

Action Rifle Match 2019 schedule:

January - Rimfire Rifle
March - Centerfire Rifle
May - TWO GUN Centerfire Rifle and Shotgun
July - Centerfire Rifle
September - TWO GUN Rimfire and shotgun
November - Centerfire Rifle

No steel core high power ammo is allowed per club rules and 7 1/2 is the maximum shot size for two gun events.


  • Stages are shot under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer at all times.
  • Timers will be used to record overall time used by the shooter to address the target stages (not all stages may be timed). Penalty points in the form of additional time are added for targets missed, prearranged stage time overages, and procedural penalties.
  • Scoring will be similar the Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club Fun Pistol Shoot/Revolver Match. Scores will be distributed by email for all shooters that request the results (shooters have the option of not having their time/score recorded). Score sheets will be provided for beginner and shooters with physical limitations (or as we lovingly call it at Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club…”The Sick, Lame and Lazy list”).
  • Shooters will engage both paper and steel reactive targets at distances ranging from 40 to 200 yards shooting from various positions and simulating tactical and urban challenges.
  • Shooter classes will be: Military semi auto (10 round maximum, with reloading from magazine, clip, stripper or pocket). Military bolt action (5 round maximum with reloading from clip, stripper or pocket). Civilian semi auto, lever, pump, and bolt action (5 round maximum with reloading from magazine, clip, stripper, pouch or pocket). Single shot iron sight rifles are welcome as well.

What to Bring

  • Any California legal military or civilian centerfire long gun, spare magazines, stripper clips or ammo pouches and a good attitude.
  • Firearms are required to be brought to the range/shooting areas and will be transferred in hard cases or rifle cases. No gun socks are permitted.
  • Willingness to help set up and tear down the stages and participate in all safety procedures and a desire to have fun.


  • 30.06/8mm or smaller caliber military ball maximum (40 to 80 rounds depending what class you’re shooting), NO armor piercing, incendiary/tracer or “special purpose”, will be allowed per range Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Be advised that is a centerfire match. No rimfire ammunition is allowed.
  •  No steel core high power ammo is allowed per club rules and 7 1/2 is the maximum shot size for two gun events. 

Range Rules

Common sense and safe gun handling are expected from all participants!

  • Firearms will be stored on the gun racks positioned at each stage or at a location designated by the Match Director and as prescribed during the match safety meeting.
  • When not shooting the range will be considered Cold Range. This means that all firearms are in the unloaded condition with the action open at all times other than when shooting under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.
  • When engaging the targets, shooters must observe the “180 Rule” which means that loaded firearms must be pointed down range at all times and at the “low ready” or “aiming” position while moving (not pointed in the air or directly at the ground).
  • When moving between shooting positions, the shooter must have his/her finger outside of the trigger guard.
  • Initial safety violations will result in procedural penalties and repeat violations will result in disqualification at the discretion of the Match Director or Range Safety Officer.
  • A dropped firearm or unintentional discharge will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Camouflage, military or combat style clothing is not allowed. We do not want to give the impression that is any sort of combat training. This is a fun shoot.

Other Information

  • In moving between shooting positions, each shooter is encouraged to move only at a pace comfortable and safe for the shooter.
  • Targets generally consist of metal and cardboard targets.
  • The scoring protocol and rules are to be similar by other nationally recognized similar events and as used by the Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club events.
  • The Range Safety Officer and/or Match Director can answer any questions participants have about the rules.
  • Before loading your magazines, check with the Match Director regarding the maximum number of rounds that can be loaded. In general, this number may be less than the capacity of your magazines