Defensive Handgun

Come join us for an instructor-driven clinic to develop good defensive handgun skills and be challenged by ever-changing defensive scenarios.  Members and member-accompanied guests 12 years and older are welcome to attend to learn defensive handgun fundamentals. Each youth shooter must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the range. We will have available instruction on handgun safety, defensive handgun practice, drawing from the holster, and rapid target engagement at distances from close contact to 45 feet. If you feel intimidated please join us on the 2nd Friday of the month session where in one night you will become a confident shooter!

The second clinic of the month is held on the 4th Friday of the month and is designed to challenge returning students based on their skill level up to the most experienced shooters while providing a platform of learning to returning shooters. We may engage targets in total darkness or using flashlights, practice one-handed shooting and reloads, shooting while moving, engaging multiple threats, shooting under time pressure, and decision-based shoot or don't shoot scenarios.

The Frontsight training methods will be used to guide you comfortably and safely through your training. If you have ever heard of Frontsight training in Nevada but could not afford to go, this clinic will help you get prepared for this great training.

Stan Luhr, an NRA RSO, pistol instructor, and 3-time Frontsight Distinguished graduate is your Shootmaster. The course is free for members and $10 for guests. Advanced registration is required as there will be a limited number of openings for each clinic. If you are a Frontsight graduate and want to help, please join us. Contact Stan at ("") to sign up now!

Who:  Members and Guests

When:  Second and Fourth Friday of the month, 5:00 - 9:00 PM, Please check calendar for current schedule.

First-Time Shooters Welcome the 2nd Friday of the Month.  Returning Students 4th Friday of the Month.

Cost:  Members, Free.  Non-Members, $10.00.

For More Information Contact: Stan Luhr, 

 Minimum equipment requirements:  Handgun must be full-sized semi-autos or revolvers, no pocket pistols. No pistol less than 3-1/2 inch barrel length allowed.  Holster must be hard sided outside waistband with no finger retention devices allowed. No cloth, low slung or speed holsters allowed.  At least 2 magazines  150-200 rounds of ammo, magazine pouch, baseball hat--to reduce hot shell contact with your face, safety glasses, electronic earmuffs--required so you can hear the instructions and shooting commands, shoes--no open toed shoes or flip-flops allowed.