Tactical Shotgun

The Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club holds a Tactical Shotgun Fun Shoot on a periodic basis to provide a tactical shotgun training opportunity friendly to intermediate level shooters in a safe, supervised environment to help shooters increase their safe gun-handling skills.  

Stages are shot under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer. A timer is used to record the overall time used by the shooter to address the target stage. Penalty points in the form of additional time are added for targets missed or for procedural errors. 

Who:  Open to the Public

When:  5th Sunday of the month when they occur (about four times each year). Check the current calendar for confirmation. Match setup begins at 7:00 AM, sign-in concludes at 8:15 AM.  You must be signed in by 8:15 AM.  Shooters Safety Meeting starts at 8:20 AM. Participants must be present for safety meeting to be eligible to shoot this match.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Shooting commences at 8:30 AM.  Feel free to come early and help set up.  

Cost: The Match Fee is $5 for all shooters. Non-members will pay an additional $25 gate fee.  Juniors, when shooting with a participant parent, shoot for $5 (be advised that if a Junior is shooting that person must be fully capable of safely handing their shotgun (i.e loading, shooting, reloading, unloading) without parental assitance. All participants are expected to help in the conduct of the event by helping with setup, tear-down, target resetting and score keeping as a non-monetary fee.

For More Information Contact:   Paul Lichtenstein at 619-540-9600. 

Equipment: Any shotgun of 20 gauge or larger, a way to carry extra shotshells (bag, side saddle, wrist band, etc.) eye protection (shooting glasses), hearing protection and a desire to have some fun. Bring at least 125 shotshells in bird shot sizes (71/2 or 8 shot).

Five Divisions have been established: 

Open allows a maximum of 11 rounds loaded, speed loading devices, compensators, ports and optical or electronic sighting systems.

Limited/Tactical allows a maximum of 9 rounds loaded and none of the features permitted in Open.

Heavy Metal is for 12 gauge pump guns loading a maximum of 9 rounds with no features permitted in Open. 

Hunting Division which is for factory produced hunting guns (semi-auto or pump) that load a maximum of 5 rounds. 

Sporting Division for those adventurous souls who want to shoot a side-by-side or over/under shotgun.

Stages: A total of 6 stages will be used in the match. The stages are designed to challenge different elements of shooting skills requiring speed, accuracy, ammunition management, and movement. All stages will require tactical reloading so managing your ammunition is a big factor in how well you do on any given stage. 

Other Information:  

-Targets generally consist of reactive metal targets, clays and knock over targets made of wood or steel.

-Stages will require a minimum of five to sixteen shots with make-ups shots permitted for missed targets.

-The Range Safety Officer and/or Match Director can answer any questions participants have about the rules. 

-Scores can be found at  https://practiscore.com/clubs/lemon-grove-gun-club-3

Safety Rules:  Maximum shot size permitted is 7-1/2 shot. This is to assure that no shot will leave the Range during the event.       

A number of “common sense” range rules are used for the safety of all participants: 

-The   range is a COLD RANGE, which means that all shotguns are unloaded with actions open until you are shooting under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer. The actions of side-by-side and over-under shotguns may be closed while placed in the gun rack.

-When   engaging the targets, shooters must observe the “180 Rule” which means that loaded firearms must be pointed down range at all times. 

-When moving between shooting positions, the shooter must have his/her finger outside of the trigger guard.

-In moving between shooting positions, each shooter is encouraged to move only at a pace comfortable and safe for the shooter.